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I am currently in the process of working on another update to The Garlic Games, the online multiplayer game where players compete to guess randomly searched images! Earlier this year, I was eager to release an update to support Shared-Screen Mode where up to 40 players can connect to a game just with their mobile device! Now I am taking this experience even further with a lot more features that is yet to come! Stay tuned! Currently the game is playable at on a majority of devices and browsers, which while it does have lots of features like highly customizable settings and Shared-Screen Mode, I am working on a lot more!

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This is the first post on my website! I plan on providing some updates here regarding my work that you might not always see on my socials, which I think will be pretty cool given the stuff I have been working on! This and many other sites is the result of 7 years of programming experience!